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June 16, 2016

Hey, I’m Kara!
Hey, I’m Kara! A wedding and family photographer based in Kankakee, Illinois! Whether I’m photographing your wedding day or everyday milestones and memories as a family, this job is my joy.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Please, print your photos.

Think back – Have you ever had an experience in life where physically printed photos were of meaning to you? Maybe it was after the death of a loved one or even looking back on your childhood, but whatever the case, it was important and meaningful to you.

Imagine if you your (future) children, friends, or relatives never had printed photographs to look back on certain parts or all parts of your life. What would that be like? 

I know this may seem a bit emotional or a maybe even a tad overdramatic, but it is so extremely true. Trust me. Find a way. Print your photos. 

Yes, you’re absolutely, 100% preserving memories when you take photos or have photos taken professionally, but what happens after that? Do you print a few and then let the photos sit on your iPhone, computer hard drive, in the gallery from your professional photographer, or on a USB or CD in your office desk drawer? 

Too often than not, I think the answer is “yes” to all of the above. Let’s face it, it’s true. I’ll be honest… I am in those shoes, too! Unfortunately, even as a photographer, I find myself “forgetting” to print photos more often than I would like to admit. So, in the past year, I have made a better point to print photos every other month or so.

When I’m choosing which photos to print and purchase, I am intentionally buying prints and canvases to display in my home, to tuck away for a rainy day, or for a day when someone, myself included, will look back on them. After all, these photos will be looked back on someday soon.


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