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Five Instagram Post Ideas for Photographers and Creatives

Five Instagram Post Ideas for Photographers and Creatives by Kara Evans Photographer - wedding photographer and mentor for creatives serving Chicagoland and beyond.

March 1, 2019

Hey, I’m Kara!
Hey, I’m Kara! A wedding and family photographer based in Kankakee, Illinois! Whether I’m photographing your wedding day or everyday milestones and memories as a family, this job is my joy.

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Five Instagram Post Ideas for Photographers and Creatives by Kara Evans Photographer - wedding photographer and mentor for creatives serving Chicagoland and beyond.Photographers and creatives alike – we all love Insta and wanna share more of our businesses, lives, process, and the in between… But sometimes (yep, even myself!) we can feel like we’re “running out of things to post” as creatives whether your craft is wedding photography, calligraphy, graphic design, education, web design, or whatever else your craft might be.

So, today I’m excited to share five instagram post ideas for photographers and creatives. And best yet? All of these ideas center around building your tribe with genuine relationships. Eeeek!

1. An Introduction

This is one of my favorite ways to connect with my IG tribe – sharing a #fridayintroduction or post that shares more into my why, my story, or my life. These posts can be fun with your favorite things to do, shows on TV, books you’re reading, places, or experiences. And these intro posts can also take on a more serious note – full of heart and your story. My favorite part about introduction posts on Instagram is that they allow you to break down walls, get comfortable, and continue building a personal connection with your tribe!

2. Your Work

Ummm, YES! It is ever so important that you share your work on Instagram. Maybe you’re a wedding photographer killing it in your industry or a calligrapher with beautiful work to share with the world. Whatever the case, share your work! Your followers and tribe follow you because they want to see your work, and they believe in the work you’re doing. Definitely make sure you’re sharing up to date work, too!

3. Behind the Scenes

Sharing behind the scenes photos is one of my favorite types of posts that I make on Instagram. These behind the scenes photos are a way to share you – in action – serving your most favorite people. It’s a beautiful glimpse into your perspective or day-to-day as a photographer or creative. A few more post ideas here… A behind the scenes look at your workspace, a photo of you photographing a wedding, a photo of a client meeting or coffee date with another creative, or even a photo of you with another creative! I love these behind the scenes glimpses into the lives and businesses of photographers and creatives.

4. Education

As a photographer or creative entrepreneur, it’s likely that you are working day in and day out to perfect your craft. So why not share a little education along the way? It’s not out of your realm as a, let’s say wedding photographer, to share education for your couples on Instagram. Maybe it’s wedding planning advice, day-of timeline advice, or vendor advice… Educate your tribe! On the other hand, maybe you’re a graphic designer that specializes in branding – share content that educates your clients about visual branding elements and more. Catch my drift?

5. Collaboration

And finally, the most near and dear to my heart… Collaboration! I love sharing posts on Instagram that are centered on collaboration. Maybe it’s a post from a recent styled shoot that you along with other local vendors made come to life, maybe it’s a post sharing a vendor you love or another creative that inspires you, or maybe, just maybe, it’s a post sharing a coffee date with another creative or creative meet-up… I believe in community over competition, so it is only natural to want to share collaboration on Instagram.

I love building genuine relationships on Instagram!

So, as you’re planning content for the next week or month ahead, I want to encourage you to try incorporating at least 3 of these ideas into your content. Because, after all, building your tribe with genuine relationships is the icing on the cake for creatives!







P.S. – Wanna learn more about mentoring? It’s the icing on the cake where I help you navigate your biz so that you can live your life all while pursuing your creative passion!

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