A wifey, dog mom, hugger, and lover of love… Crying happy tears at each and every wedding she photographs. 

i'm in love with...

My husband and high school sweetheart Kyle, our rescue pup #georgieannevans, time and laughter with family and friends, popcorn, all things pink, shopping, wine, the number seven, baking all the things, home decor, and reading sappy books. 

i'm a hugger...

I will squeeze you when I meet you, greet you, and say goodbye - you should just expect that from me! Oh, and I LOVE to talk! I am passionate about marriage and being a wife, and my husband is my #1 supporter. Marriage has been one of the biggest challenges and blessings in my life, and it’s my joy to share it with others. 

starting my business...

In 2013, I started my business out of my college dorm room with no idea where things would go... To this day, I still remember packaging welcome gifts out of that little room! Since then, I was fortunate enough to take my wedding photography business full-time in 2015, add mentoring for creatives in early 2018, and launch our photo booth in late 2018! Now, on a typical workday you'll find me working from my pink desk chair (of course!), most likely in yoga pants and a Strawberry Revolution tee, and yes, with a snuggly little puppy on my lap! That's #karabehindthescenes for ya!

i'm in love with love...

I’m a major sap, and I just own it because what else can you do?! I cry happy tears with nearly every wedding day that I photograph, and there is just something incredible about encouraging other creatives in their passion projects. I never would have guessed that this would be my job and my joy - my avenue of serving others, but I wouldn't change this beautiful, challenging, and fulfilling journey for anything!

before you scroll...

You should absolutely know that I absolutely LOVE cake... Give me all the cake, but German Chocolate is my #1 favorite!

If you like the way I see, I would sincerely love to hear from you!

Hey girlfriend! I'm Kara Evans.

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fun facts! 


fun facts! 

I love baking and have taken home a handful of grand champion ribbons at the fair in my day… I’m talking banana bread, peach pie, homemade fudge, and more!

fun facts! 

It’s my goal to read at least two books each month (or audiobooks during busy season) throughout the year. 

fun facts! 


A little Q + A with


My husband inspires me... He is my rock, my supporter, and my love. I am constantly encouraged by him! Building relationships as a creative entrepreneur also intensely fuels my fire and pushes me to be better while serving others through my work. And even more, my faith keeps me joyful throughout this journey by teaching me more about how I can use my God-given talents to serve my people and my community.

Are you a self-taught photographer?

For the most part, yes! I completed one college class and attended a few conferences, but I continually learn from the photography community around me - reading (lots of reading!), observing, watching videos, and shooting. Photographing love pushes me to learn more each and every time I pick up my camera. Outside of photography, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Rhetorical Studies.


I love shooting in the warm, golden, and glowing light of a summer sunset. There is something about the gorgeous sunset light that makes me feel so fulfilled and faithful in creating. But don't get me wrong, I LOVE a snowy session, capturing the blooming colors of spring, and the warm oranges and reds of fall. Every season brings me joy as another season to photograph. 

Do you specialize in a certain area of photography?

Yes! I specialize in wedding photography working with couples from engagements to wedding days to anniversaries. If you’re looking for a family, newborn, extended family, or senior photographer, I would love to share recommendations of some of my fav photog friends that specialize in these areas outside of my specialty.


YES! It’s part of my passion project to encourage creatives in their businesses, and I love my time with my mentoring clients. Find out more information here. And yes, there will most definitely be coffee AND cake!

What is your favorite tool as a creative?

Lightroom Classic CC (hey photogs!) and a task timer (hey lady bosses!)... I love the streamlined, less stress workflow that Lightroom allows me to have, and my task timer keeps me on track while I accomplish my daily to-do list, big or small!

What is your go-to lens?

Hands down, my 85mm f/1.4 wins! I reach for this lens pretty much 85% of the time, and I've been hooked ever since I photographed with it for the first time. It allows such a natural, real, and intimate perspective. A few years ago, my answer would have been my 50mm f/1.4, but that all changed when I met the dreamy 85mm. And yes, I'm a prime lens kinda gal!