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Kara Evans Photographer - Central Illinois Wedding Photographer - The Importance of a Talented Hairstylist on Your Wedding Day | Wedding Wednesday

Brides... It's true, I always recommend that you hire a talented, professional hairstylist for your wedding day!

You may ask, why Kara? Weddings are already so expensive, maybe this is an area that I can save money on. My advice? Don't skip over this to save money! Brides hire professional hairstylists for a reason...

1. Professional stylists have the professional products. What do I mean? Well, stylists bring along products that are perfect for keeping wedding day hair fresh + beautiful all day long. They are skilled at their craft and know the exact products to use to achieve this!

2. Having a professional hairstylist allows you to relax + stay stress free. This is another truth... Brides worrying about doing their own hair or a bridesmaid doing their hair become easily stressed. I always think eliminating stress is the best route to go on your wedding day!

3. Talented stylists know how to give you the best look that accentuates YOU. Ahem, they're professional + talented for a reason! ;)

4. Stylists will do a trial run with you. I think trial runs of hair (and makeup) are so important! The "practice round" will truly help you visualize what you want for our wedding day!

5. Professionals know what photographs well. YES, this is huge! Hairstylists - from training and experience - know just what photographs well and what simply doesn't. They will be able to guide you and contribute to your overall wedding day look + natural beauty!

Why do you think it's important to hire a talented hairstylist on your wedding day? Comment below!

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