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In the midst of wedding planning, some tasks and to-do's are simply more fun than others.... I get it - sizing up your wedding guest list can be stressful (I promise it doesn't have to be), but it's part of the entire experience and planning process! Today, I'm excited to revisit this topic from last year with more goodies and advice!

To start tackling this task, you should come up with your estimated number of guests. This number will largely depend on the ceremony and reception venues that you chose for your wedding day! Maybe you even chose your venue based on an estimated number of guests earlier on - you're ahead! Other factors like... Inviting everyone to the ceremony and reception or some to only the reception come into play as well. Once you have an estimated number of guests for your ceremony and reception, you have a great start!

Next, start drafting a list made by you and your fiancรฉ at this stage of guest list planning. Consider your closest family and friends, your high school friends and college roommates, or even your coworkers that you HAVE TO have celebrating alongside you at your wedding. Next, start thinking about people like family friends or friends of your parents or even siblings. Write these people on your drafted list! 

Then, I would recommend that you share your list with your parents, siblings, etc. In my opinion, it's very important to make your own list at first in order to narrow in on the people you two want to share your day with, then branch out to your loved ones for help. Of course, you've probably unknowingly missed a handful of people and another set of eyes, or two, help. 

It's also completely up to you as to whether you offer guests a date or invite children - although I do think it's a wonderful idea to include "and guest" for those individuals who are in long-term relationships. Whatever you choose, your guests will understand and respect you decision because it is your wedding day vision!

Relax and enjoy this process as you plan to celebrate with your loved ones!

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