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Kara Evans Photographer - Central Illinois Wedding Photographer - Understanding Wedding RSVP Etiquette | Wedding Wednesday

Wedding RSVP etiquette can be a tricky + stressful topic for so many couples. All too often, I hear of couples' stress and frustration over RSVP's for their wedding days... Late responses, NO response from some, and guests adding people to the guest list! So today, I want to revisit this topic and offer a little advice about RSVP etiquette!

First, please RSVP. Yes, that's right - please respond to the invitation! RSVPs are sent out for a reason, and the bride and groom send it with the sole purpose of your response! My advice? Respond as soon as possible. If you have a few spare minutes after opening the invitation in the mail - prepare your RSVP to put back in the mail right then! The sooner you respond, the less time there is for you to overlook the RSVP or let it get buried in a stack of mail causing you to forget to respond. If all else fails, be sure respond by the RSVP deadline listed on the invite. 

Second, please only RSVP for those listed on the addressed invitation. It's very important to be considerate of whether the invitation is addressed to the entire family (including children), just Mr. & Mrs., or if the invitation offers a guest/date, too.

Third, please note whether you are invited to only the reception or both the ceremony and reception. Sometimes the ceremony venue has limited space or the couple simply wants an intimate ceremony with family; therefore, they choose to only invite some guests to the reception. Whatever the case may be, be sure you pay attention to this when the invitation is delivered to you!

In the end, it's up the bride and groom to decide who is invited to the wedding, and they are surely so excited to celebrate with you! RSVP in a timely and suitable manner... And get ready to celebrate alongside the newlyweds!

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