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In the last two months, I have had the honor to go alongside two of my best friends as they shopped for wedding dresses! Goodness, these days make me gush with happiness to be there to support my friends and to experience weddings from another perspective.

You probably already guessed it, but today we are talking about wedding dress shopping!

Wedding dress shopping is an emotional, eye-opening experience! It's often the first time a bride actually sees herself as just that - a blushing bride. The entire "wedding thing" becomes real! Going into wedding dress shopping, sometimes the bride has an exact idea of the dress/style she is looking for and chooses the perfect dress accordingly. Other times, the bride loves a certain style of dress going into the shopping experience, but ends up falling in love with something completely different. OR --- the bride has no idea what she is looking, and she finds the most beautiful gown she didn't even know she was looking for!

At the start of wedding dress shopping, I think it's important to communicate your budget and overall wedding style to your consultant. I also recommend that you bring along the important people you want to share the experience with!

Finally, go into the shopping experience with an open mind and sense of adventure! You only wear one wedding dress, so enjoy the process and don't be scared to try something different or out of your comfort zone! You will look back on these experiences for years, and years, to come.

And always remember... Just because you try on a dress doesn't mean that you have to buy the dress! 

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