I get that you’re swimming in a pool of wedding videographers and trying to find the right fit. And I’m gonna guess you're emailing wedding photographers to see if they offer video, too...

That’s why my husband and I teamed up to offer wedding photography AND videography (yesssss!) for our couples!

You’ll love your wedding videography experience even more than I love chips and  guac  on Taco  Tuesday, and that’s a lot.

Our past couples have felt completely loved and cared for as we’ve guided them through wedding photography AND videography on their wedding days. Because, after all, you can’t have guac on Taco Tuesday without the chips.

I bet you...

• Love the sound of working with another married couple.
• Want all the heartfelt wedding moments documented with photo AND video.
• Imagine yourself rewatching your wedding video over and over again in your living room while your wedding photos are on display next to you.

Sweet, the same duo can handle wedding photo and video.

From that first email of yours landing in my inbox to watching your wedding video for the very first time, we make the process so easy - you'll have all the heart eyes at the result!

From my home office in Kankakee to photographing weddings alongside my videographer hubby, we guide you through the wedding photo + video experience. 

“When we were choosing our wedding photographer I was hoping that we’d be able to get a wedding video too. Now that we have, it’s something that I recommend everyone do because you get to see things in a different way. Kara and Kyle went above and beyond to create the perfect video for us. I knew what I was thinking it would be like, and it far surpassed anything I could’ve imagined. When I say we watch our video often, I’m not exaggerating. It’s beautifully done and captured so many perfect moments from that day. Each time we watch it we still see things we didn’t notice before. Kara and Kyle not only capture beautiful moments from your wedding day, they get to know you as individuals and tailor your experience to what you’re looking for. They knew our style and the type of photos we were looking for and with the video, it was beautifully done and the song chosen was perfect! If you are looking for a photographer duo that will create something beautiful for you, Kara and Kyle are the ones to go with! They are amazing at what they do but they are also really great people and that’s incredibly important too!”

- carmen

"I cannot imagine our wedding day without Kara and Kyle. They are the perfect duo. Kara was our photographer, and she was phenomenal, she knew my style and matched it perfectly. Kyle was our videographer, and we cry every time we watch our video, it is so beautiful. I love to see these two in action. Kara and Kyle made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Once our wedding photos and video were delivered, we were speechless. They captured every moment perfectly. My husband and I love to go back and rewatch our video and go through the photos, and they bring back all the feels every time!"

- autumn

• Coffee + FaceTime dates (and lots of texting, too!) to plan all the details with yours truly and my hubby in tow.

• Timely response to your emails.

• Online booking, contracts, invoices, and questionnaires – easy peasy!

• All day coverage with one videographer (yep, in addition to photo)!

• A documentary style 4-6 minute highlight film delivered digitally.

• The option to add-on full ceremony, reception highlights, and additional highlight film minutes, happy dancing!

• Wedding advice, encouragement, and celebration from your wedding photo/video married duo throughout the entire planning process!

Wedding photography and videography with us is perfect for you if you’re looking for…

Wedding videography is an exclusive add-on available to all booked #karaevanscouples.
Your wedding videography investment currently begins at $2000.

The Investment