Workflow Task Timer | Tips and Tricks By Kara

Hi! I am extra happy today because it's been an extra productive Monday! YAY!

Today, I'm sharing a tool that I recently purchased on Amazon and LOVE! So, what is it?... A task timer! Thanks to Julie Paisley I have this gem!

I am all about staying on task, creating to-do lists (and checking things off!), maintaining an effective workflow, and utilizing an organized workspace, so this is perfect for my personality type! 

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Here's an example of how I use it on a daily basis: 

Let's say I have emails to respond to, blog posts that need to be written, and sessions on my editing list... I will set the timer for 30 minutes and respond to emails. Once the timer goes off, I reset it and move to another task, say setting the timer for 15 minutes to brainstorm blog post ideas. Then, setting the timer for another 30 minutes to edit "x" number of photos in that amount of time. 

I just have to say, this thing is genius and SO simple! I LOVE incorporating it into my daily workflow and it helps keep me on task while working from home.

You guys, it is seriously the little things that make this lady smile!

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