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It's true... I ALWAYS recommend booking an engagement session with your wedding photographer. I promise it's so incredibly important! 

As a wedding photographer, I thrive on offering an experience to my brides and grooms. I want to build a relationship that goes beyond being your wedding photographer - I want to get to know you, your story, and to connect with you on a personal level. I truly mean it when I say... I'm in the business of building + documenting relationships, not just taking pretty pictures!

So, when it comes to your engagement session - I ALWAYS recommend that you book one. There's a simple reason why... This is time after meeting one another at your consultation or over coffee. It gives the couple a chance to truly get to know how their photographer works, how they photograph together, and how to feel comfortable in front of the camera! As a communication major in college (putting that to GOOD work, I promise!), I am well versed in how important eliminating uncertainty is, and I want to do just that! I want to help you relax, let your guards down, and simply be. If you have a chance to be photographed in this way prior to your wedding day, it makes your wedding day THAT much better!

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