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Setting your wedding date... This can be a daunting task, BUT it doesn't have to be! The wedding process and experience is always a direct reflection of what you make of it. So, enjoy the process!

When setting your wedding date, there are a several factors you can consider...

1) The season/time of year. 

Do you want a summer wedding? Fall colors? Maybe you have a favorite season, too! Once you have an idea of the style you envision for your wedding day, it becomes easier to decide on the time of year for your wedding!

2) A meaningful date to you as a couple.

Is there a specific date that is meaningful to you as a couple? Your dating or engagement anniversary... Or maybe even the anniversary of an important couple in your lives like your grandparents!

3) The type of venue you desire.

If you desire an outdoor venue, consider dates that are most feasible for outdoor activities. On the other hand, if you are flexible with venue type, you may have a few more options!

4) The day of the week for your wedding.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday wedding dates are common in today's "wedding world"... What do you prefer and envision for your day?

5) Time to plan your big day.

There isn't really a "golden rule" of wedding planning for how much time you need, but I always recommend that you consider the timeframe you will have to plan your day!

Hopefully these factors help you in setting your wedding date! Share with me the WHEN and WHY your wedding date in the comments below!

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