Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas | Wedding Wednesday

At a traditional wedding, you will often see a unity ceremony take place... A moment in which the couple takes some sort of "action" signifying their union in marriage, as one. 

Throughout the years, I've seen so many different unity ceremonies with brides and grooms (especially now that it's my fourth wedding season), and each one has always proven to be unique. So, I'm excited to offer a few ideas for your unity ceremony if you're still on the fence about what you want to do!

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Here are some unity ceremony ideas that I've photographed at weddings...

  • Unity Candle
  • Unity Sand
  • Unity Knot
  • Unity Cross
  • Unity Wine Box
  • Unity Feet Washing 
  • Unity Water
  • Unity Planting

No matter what you choose, your ceremony will be unique because it is about you and your love uniting as one!

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