The Stress of Cell Phones and Ceremonies | Wedding Wednesday

Kara Evans Photographer - Central Illinois Wedding Photographer - The Stress of Cell Phones and Ceremonies | Wedding Wednesday

We've all seen the horrifying wedding ceremony photos floating around on the internet... Guests standing to get a better angle while holding their cameras + cell phones, guests standing in front of the professional photographer, and even guests stepping out into the aisle as the bride walks to her groom.

Sadly, I've experienced each of these situations and more as a wedding photographer. Sometimes I think this topic is a stressor for brides + grooms and photographers and wedding vendors alike, but so often overlooked by wedding guests. So, today I am sharing my take on The Stress of Cell Phones and Ceremonies...

For me, this all comes down to one thing, and that's being present. As a wedding guest, you're invited to witness the marriage and celebrate alongside the newlyweds for a reason. They've usually hired a professional photographer, so you don't have to worry about taking out your cell phone (camcorder or digital camera) at the ceremony. There will be plenty of time, I promise, for photos later at the reception!

Being present at the ceremony means keeping your phone (and other digital devices) tucked away - and maybe even off - so that you can truly enjoy the moment... Remember the ceremony exactly as it happened and commit it to your mental memory. Experience the very wedding you're attending. And always consider that you'll have the professional photographs to look back on after the wedding day! I know these couples very well, and it's true that they absolutely LOVE to share their photos after their wedding days!

I truly believe that cell phones aren't needed during wedding ceremonies, and you should always respect the bride and groom's wishes - especially if they request an unplugged ceremony. After all, do you want to be that guest in the photo floating around on the internet? 

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