The Importance of Window Light in Your Getting Ready Space | Wedding Wednesday

Kara Evans Photographer - Central Illinois Wedding Photographer - The Importance of Window Light in Your Getting Ready Space | Wedding Wednesday

I've written about this before, and I'll write about it again... Window light is key to beautiful detail + bridal photos in your getting ready space!

When it comes to your getting ready space, I always recommend to my brides and grooms that they choose a getting ready location that offers a clean slate and lot of natural window light. These spaces with LIGHT create an ideal setting for so many photos to start the day!

In these getting ready spaces, I feel most creative with a clean slate - it may sound silly but here is why. This space allows for full creative control + focus on the bride and her details. The first things I photograph on wedding days are the brides details + invitation suite (more on that later!), the bride and bridesmaids' finishing touches with hair and makeup, and finally the bride getting into her wedding dress. After the bride is dressed and ready, I try to take a few minutes to photograph her using "the window effect" as long as time allows... Photos of the bride near a window in the space! Natural light is ever so flattering!

Looking back at these images from wedding days, I am in awe of the simplistic beauty that surrounds them. They are truly representative of a bride's elegance and poise on her wedding day. And, of course, I'm always about finding natural light!

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