Photographing Wedding Day Details | Wedding Wednesday

By Kara - Kara Evans - Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Photographer Blog - Tips for Photographing Wedding Day Details

Today's "Wedding Wednesday" post is a little different than most have been throughout the past months... This post is geared more toward photographers rather than brides!

I'm so excited to share a couple of my tips for photographing wedding day details!

First, I LOVE layering... By this, I mean that I love layering textures and photographing details on things such as lace, fabric of a bridesmaid dress, or even the wedding invitation. This adds a beautiful, cohesive thread to the photos. 

Second, I always shoot at a narrow aperture (usually f/6.3 or f/7.1) on my 105mm macro lens. This allows me to preserve detail with a narrow depth of field!

And lastly, I start wedding days by shooting details. To me, this is the perfect time to focus, create, and document these beautiful parts of a wedding day!

Photogs, what are your favorite tips for shooting wedding day details?

By Kara Photo - Kara Evans - Central Illinois Wedding and Family Photographer