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Throughout 2016, I searched high and low for a client management software system. And for most of the year, I had no luck...

I signed up for trial after trial, system after system, but I couldn't find the program that fit with me + my business. I can be stubborn + picky at times, and this was definitely one of those times! I felt like giving into something that I didn't "love" or trapped to stick to my old system of LOTS of spreadsheets... I just wanted to invest in a program I believed in, and a program that would be the best fitting to serve my clients.

Enter... Dubsado! During my rebrand process, both my web designer and branding lady started to integrate Dubsado, and I was able to get a "first look" at how things looked on the client side. As soon as I saw the interface + ease of contracts, questionnaires, and invoicing (not even the START of what the program offers), I wanted to know more! Both ladies had so many wonderful yet practical things to tell me about Dubsado that I set out for a "trial".

I quickly got plugged in thanks to Becca + Jake's impeccable customer service (like they are an inspiration to business owners and truly care for their people) and started plugging away. Within a week, I upgraded to a lifetime membership and started integrating the program into my business workflow. And you know what? I haven't looked back! As new features are continually added, I am amazed and thankful for this amazing tool in my back pocket. It is pretty, practical, AND easy for my clients (and myself) to navigate.

If you're a photog, creative, or small business owner like me, never finding that perfect fit, I 100% recommend that you give Dubsado a try!

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