Creative Wedding Hashtags | Wedding Wednesday

That's right, it's Wedding Wednesday!

This week's post is going to be rather short, but I hope it gets couples thinking about a small detail for their wedding days! Yes, another detail... But what is it you might ask? Wedding hashtags!

As a photographer (and someone that simply loves all things wedding), I have seen what seems like a thousand different wedding hashtags. They are oftentimes very unique, so my advice to you is to use a bit of creativity to come up with a wedding hashtag.

This is an amazing way to keep track of photos the bride and groom, family, and friends post on social media. And, this is an awesome and unique way to look back on your day!

By Kara - Kara Evans - Creative Wedding Hashtags - Wedding Hashtag Inspiration - How to Choose a Wedding Hashtag

Sometimes couples will use a play on words with common phrases like...

  • Happily Ever After

  • Just Married

  • Wedding Bells

  • To Have and To Hold

  • From This Day Forward

  • I Do 

  • Tie the Knot

  • Going to the Chapel

But, whatever you choose, incorporate your love. Maybe it's a song lyric, a special saying between the two of you, or simply using your "new" last name, make it your own, because well, it is in fact your wedding day! ;)

By Kara - Kara Evans - Central Illinois Wedding Photographer - Bourbonnais Illinois Wedding Photographer - Wedding Wednesday Blogger