Considering a First Look on Your Wedding Day | Wedding Wednesday

Kara Evans Photographer - Central Illinois Wedding Photographer - Considering a First Look on Your Wedding Day | Wedding Wednesday

It’s true, I love first looks... There is a reason for this, although some decide not to consider them because they are "untraditional". I was a bride that chose to forego a first look. And now, after photographing many weddings + having a different perspective, I think I would have chosen to have a first look with my husband Kyle. Walking down the aisle on our wedding day was a moment that I will treasure forever, but I do wish I would have considered a first look...

Some brides love a more traditional order of events for their wedding days, and first looks are out of the question (that's okay!). While others choose to take time to spend together on their wedding day with a first look. 

First looks slow the nerves to disappear, stress to diminish, and for the day to truly begin on a relaxed note. Emotions can be freely expressed + the couple can take all the time they need to be together. This special time together allows the groom to embrace the bride... Cry with her, kiss her, and ENJOY that moment with her. The bride can twirl in her dress, have a conversation with her groom, and the two start the rest of the day together. These tender moments set the stage for enjoyment throughout the rest of the wedding day! 

As a disclaimer - I do not require my couples to do a first look, and a timeline ALWAYS works without one, too! And, first looks do not take away from the unique moment a groom sees his bride walk down the aisle. No matter what you choose, choose what is best fitting for the two of you... I just can't help but share some of the benefits of considering a first look on your wedding day! 

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