Community over Competition + Care and Guidance | Thankful Thursday

I'm all about sharing and helping others because I have seen first hand what a little care and guidance can do when given by a peer in the industry!

At the start of my photography journey and business, I had a mentor named Laura, who quickly became a lifelong friend. The time she took to guide, teach, and let me shadow her work is invaluable to me and I am so thankful for her and her friendship. You definitely need to check her out!

By Kara - Kara Evans - Thankful Thursday - Wedding Photography Blogger - Community over Competition - Rising Tide Society

With this, I have found that I am not afraid to share and help others as I grow in my business. When one asks me a question regarding the photography industry or business, I genuinely want to help them and if I don't have the answer, I want to help them find it. 

When I was at The Reset Conference this year, I heard a few stories of photographers that were not willing to help other new photographers in the business, and it really opened my eyes to how grateful and thankful I am for the path my journey has taken me on. 

So, today, I am honored to be able to write openly, share my story and my business, and to serve amazing clients each and every day. Thank YOU!

By Kara - Kara Evans - Central Illinois Wedding Photographer - Bourbonnais Illinois Wedding Photographer - Photographer Blogger