A Wedding Day Tip for Your Bling | Wedding Wednesday

By Kara - Kara Evans - Wedding Wednesday Blogger - A Wedding Day Tip for Your Bling - Cleaning Your Wedding Rings - Preparing Your Wedding Bands - Cleaning Your Engagement Ring for Photos

Another wedding Wednesday has arrived, and wedding season will still be in full swing for another seven weeks!

This week, I'm excited to offer a small bit of advice for your wedding day (and even engagement photography session, too). Yes, this requires a bit of planning ahead, but it's sometimes a small detail that can easily be overlooked with all the hustle and bustle of wedding planning!

Here it is... I 100% recommend that you have your ring(s) cleaned prior to being photographed! Whether you're getting ready for your engagement session or you're preparing for your wedding day, this is an important detail! Shiny, clean, and sparkly "bling" truly makes all the difference... And best of all, the photos of this beautiful symbol of your neverending union will be even better because of this small attention to detail!

By Kara - Kara Evans Photographer - Central Illinois Wedding and Family Photographer