Why I Love Instagram | Project 365

I've been on Instagram for 176 weeks and up until this past January I didn't post everyday. On January 1st, I started Project 365 which means I take at least one photo a day and share it.  

It has been SO fun! I thought that it may turn into a daily chore, but I really do enjoy it. It allows me to see the goodness in small, everyday parts of life.

And... It's exciting that I can look back on #evansproject365 to see photos from our year, um yes!

My Instagram feed runs next to this blog, a feature I love about my site! Right now, nearly all of my photos are iPhone photos. I've tried a several different photo apps, and VSCOcam and Pic Tap Go are my favorites!

I love Instagram because...
1) the photos and the people tell a story - no matter what there is always being a story told.
2) you can connect with people and find people like you to follow! So very fun!
3) you can share your life, business, hopes, and dreams. Your story.

It's win, win in my eyes! 

In the next few weeks I'll be changing a few things with my account, sharing more business along with personal, and learning to love it even more!

For now, follow me @karaloveskyle and also check out #bykaraphoto.

By Kara Photo-By Kara-Kara Evans-Central Illinois Wedding and Portrait Photographer