A Little Update | A Journey

Today's post is a little more on the personal side of photography as my job and my creative outlet. 

I want to feel challenged. I want to pursue challenges. I want to be challenged by photography. And I want my photography to reflect that I have faced the challenge. 

I will take the time to be challenged by photography.

Lately, I've taken the time to reflect a lot upon my journey with photography and the way I look at things...

Photography is my job, but it is my creative outlet. It is my passion, my future. 

I don't want to feel discouraged by this journey, so I must let my work demand more creativity out of myself.

With all of this, I have decided to start a project. I am challenging myself to bring the camera with me wherever I go and to take the time to stop and photograph details, places, spaces, moments, and simple, little things in everyday life. I want to be prepared at all times to face the challenge.

I continually want to create and learn and share.

Here's the plan:  The project will be primarily based on my Facebook page in an album although I will blog photos, too. I will have an album dedicated to the project and plan to add photos as I am able to share them. 

I feel so, so, so inspired and excited to share what I am creating. 

Are you ready for the name of the project yet??

"In Plain Sight"

I hope you'll follow me along this new path on my journey.

- Kara