Failure | A Journey

Yesterday, I failed. Yes, that's right, I failed. I was prepared for it, but it was still frustrating and challenging. Here's the scoop...

For my first time "shooting" film, I had a huge camera mishap. It's possible that it was my fault, and it's possible it was fault by the camera; I accept this and it is OK! So, after loading the film in class, making sure the ins and outs were good to go, and shooting 24 photos, my camera acted funny. This was my first clue. 

I knew the film only had 24 shots, so when it allowed me to do 25, 26, 27 shots, I was worried. I proceeded to wind the film in an attempt to figure out the problem. Well, let's just say that this task proved to be difficult. It clunked and caught and was anything but an effortless task. 

At this point, I decided that my only option was to take the film to be developed (I should probably insert that our task this week was to determine if our cameras worked correctly, so we had the film developed at a drugstore... From here on out we will develop in the darkroom) - to see what the deal was. 

Then, I received the worst, yet best news ever. The receipt for my film said "Blank Roll".... AHH I knew this would happen to me, that I would end up having a mishap. I didn't want to face this issue, no one does, but I had to look at positively. Things could have been much, much worse.

Even in the midst of this situation, I found a way to be okay with the way things played out. It didn't happen right away, but it wasn't long before I felt this way, and I understood that it was alright to fail. I had prepared myself to fail and I could learn from this situation.

Everything worked out – I bought more film, loaded it into another camera, did my own β€œreshoot” of the photos I needed, and had the film developed. I had photos on the roll this time, what a laugh it is now!

I have faith that every step in this journey will be a place to put my feet on... Sometimes I will fall, but I will be able to pick myself back up. 

So, today, I'm ready to fail again, but I'm also ready to succeed.

- Kara