The Beginning | A Journey

Welcome to my new blog and thank you for stopping by! This is a place where I can share pieces of my creative work and daily life. I think my brain is ready to explode with all of my ideas for the future!

So, you may be wondering why "By Kara"...  Let me start from the very beginning a few years ago. For many years, I watched my dad and his love for photography grow. I remember him always having the camera anyplace we were - basketball games, birthday parties, the backyard - you name it, 99% of the time he had the camera strapped around his neck. 

In high school, my interest in photography sparked and it hasn't died down since. I enjoyed experimenting with the camera, but the first time I "officially" took photos was for my sister and her (then) fiancé Sebastian in October of 2010. After that day, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue with my full heart, mind, and body. Since then it really has been history!

From the start, I've looked at this as a journey. Each and every day is new and there is always something new to learn. With this blog, my Facebook page, and everything I share, I am reaching out and showing that I can create beautiful memories about you, your love, and your life. "By Kara" is a way for me to say that these memories are created by me for you. 

And this is just the beginning...

- Kara